About Us

Amali Swim was founded on the beaches of Noosa, being iconic for its feminine designs, immaculate fit, soft-to-touch feel and enduring quality - all of which are the brands top priorities when adding any new pieces to the range.

Amali Swim is noticeably known for strong advocacy of body positivity, it consistently strives to instill confidence and power within their female audience. An essential mode of achieving this is ensuring designs compliment and flatter the female form.

The name, Amali Swim, was inspired by the tropical beaches around the world, because if you're in a bikini, your relaxing and carefree. Amali Swim is designed especially for the stylish girl who is minimalistic, confident, and carefree. Whether she’s lying on the beach in the tropics soaking up the sun, sitting poolside with her friends, or swimming in the ocean, she’s happy and glowing because she feels comfortable and confident in her own skin.

The line features perpetually bold but soft colorways chosen specifically to flatter every skin tone. Amali's line holds bikinis of comfort and support needed for countless summers. Adjustable straps and ties are featured on most bikinis, making them customisable to your body type.

- Paris Smith Founder of Amali Swim