About Last Summer


A Summer Adventure in Australia: Behind the Scenes of our Lumiere campaign last Summer.

The Lumière collection is the perfect combination of elegance and style, featuring unique designs and bold colors. To showcase the collection, we teamed up with Western Australia photographer Parker Besson for a photoshoot campaign that perfectly captures the essence of the collection.

Parker Besson is known for his unique style of photography, his ability to capture the essence of his subjects is unparalleled. 

The shoot took place over two days with locations including  ‘Little Cove Beach’ and ‘Sunshine Beach’, with our beautiful model Sofia Andersen (@sofiatrolle) and Paris. We were lucky enough to team up with @lily.and.may owner @lilymayfield_ to collaborate on this campaign, you will see her beautiful pearls throughout every photos on the models. 

Besson's ability to capture the essence of his subjects is what makes him such a talented photographer. His unique style and attention to detail are evident in every image, and his ability to capture unexpected and magical moments is what sets him apart.

If you're looking for bikinis that perfectly capture the essence of elegance and style, look no further than our Lumière collection. And if you want to see the collection in action, be sure to check out Parker Besson's stunning photography in our campaign images below or via his Instagram @parkerbesson