Rosanna Faraci

Meet the beautiful Rosanna Faraci. 
Stepping back behind the camera to show support for Amali Swim, Rosanna modelled the “Lottie” & “Juniper” bikini sets. 


Rosanna pictured above in her Lottie bikini featuring her brand EDITED SKIN


Rosanna is one of Australia’s most successful full-time internationals models, who has also worked as a photographer and a TV host. Rosanna has also since started her NEW brand “Edited Skin”, which is highly known for its incredible hydration and being “like liquid gold” for the skin. Here at AMALI HQ we have had the honour of trying it and have had amazing results, we highly recommend all the products. You can find more on EDITED SKIN via their website on


Rosanna in her Juniper bikini set 

Faraci has spoken about her experience with her Amali Bikinis and has said “I can truly say the fit is so flattering and comfy to wear”. 


@rosannafaraci in her Lottie bikini for a photoshoot @editedskin

Photos by @nickywhelan